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Üst sınıf segmanına göre yakıt ve CO2 tasarruf potansiyeli daha düşük olması nedeniyle bu araçlarda enerji kazanımı içermeyen start/stop sistemleri kullanılmaktadır. Buna uygun akü ise özel teknolojiye sahip Fiamm EFB aküsüdür – Derin deşarja ve çok döngüye dayanıklı.

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Today, the energy requirements of modern vehicles increase inevitably the demand of batteries that maintain the power for a long time. In order to face the new measures about CO2 emissions imposed by the European Union, car manufacturers have developed several models of hybrid cars equipped with different electrically powered devices, such as Start & Stop and Brake Energy Regeneration, which require a much more intensive use of the battery. The new range of ECOFORCE batteries for micro hybrid cars provides a response to this need.

Micro HEV Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Micro HEV are the latest generation cars that respect the environment through their ability to reduce significantly fuel consumption.

Start & Stop

During stop status the Start & Stop function automatically switches the engine off and restarts it when the clutch pedal is pressed.

ORIGINAL Quality Spare Parts Regulation (EU) 461/2010

ECOFORCE batteries are produced in the same production facilities where original equipment ones are manufactured, using the same technology, manpower, equipment and controls approved by the car manufacturers involved.



All together, cars and light commercial vehicles account for approximately 15% of CO2 emissions in the European Union, including those from fuel procurement. The objectives fixed by the European Commission will allow to reduce the average CO2 emissions of new cars from 135.7 g/km (in 2011) to 95 g of CO2 per kilometre in 2020, whereby improving the previous goal, which was to reach 130 g/km by 2015. This challenge for auto makers is the beginning of a new era which will determine considerable changes in vehicle manufacturing and will also influence the automotive component sector in a major manner. The battery will become the beating heart of the car even more than it is today and will be expected to provide increasingly more frequent starts and unprecedented storage capacity.


The European Parliament has approved new standards governing CO2 emissions of new generation cars which starting from 2020 must not exceed the maximum limit of 95 g/km. This restriction will apply to manufacturers that make more than 1000 cars per year. The reform includes a transition phase, limited to one year only (2020), and a “supercredit” system, applicable from 2020 to 2022, in which cars which emit less than 50 g/km of CO2 will count double in the manufacturer average. It is estimated that the 95 g/km CO2 target will allow emitting 15 million tons less of CO2 and reducing fuel consumption by € 4000 in the entire life cycle of a car.


Car manufacturers behaviour in response to the EU regulatioN

Hybrid is an adjective that indicates, for a car, the simultaneous presence of two engines: an internal combustion engine (gasoline or diesel) and an electric one.

Hybrid cars are not all alike

There are different hybrid levels depending on the electrical architecture and on the capacity of reducing consumption.

EV Electric vehicle

Unlike hybrid cars, the electric vehicle (EV) is a car that uses an electric motor for propulsion instead of the more common and traditional internal combustion engine.

FIAMM SoNick Sodium Nickel chloride batteries  promise sustainable mobility for the automotive industry, from trucks to public transport. Powering a vehicle using sodium batteries means supporting clean air and saving energy. These batteries can be fully recycled and energy is supplied in all climate conditions. They are maintenance-free in all environments, in addition to being reliable and durable


MICRO HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle) makes use of Start & Stop function that turns the engine off when the car is stopped and starts the engine up again when the driver presses the clutch pedal. Once the vehicle is stopped all electrical devices are powered by battery.

According to the NEDC cycle (New European Driving Cycle – used by all manufacturers for the calculation of fuel consumption) CO2 emissions are reduced by 3-6% with the assistance of the Start & Stop function.

In addition to the Start & Stop function, MICRO HEV cars are also characterized by the presence of a device for the energy recovering during braking, reducing consumption by up to 8% compared to a conventional vehicle.

The Brake Energy Regeneration (BER) develops during deceleration or braking, then the energy produced by the movement of the vehicle is retrieved and stored in the battery. In this way, it reduces the engine work and decrease consumption. During the acceleration phase all unnecessary utilities are separated from the powertrain. In this way all engine power is available for acceleration and at the same time fuel consumption is reduced.

The devices described above require the use of a battery with an high charging and discharging acceptance. AFB ECOFORCE is suited for cars with Start & Stop system, while AGM ECOFORCE is essential for those cars that combine different fuel-saving devices to the Start & Stop system.


* Gear shift indicator * High-efficiency alternator * Double clutch gear * Energy management system * Enhanced starter motor * Steering by wire and braking by wire


AFB TECHNOLOGY Evolution of traditional lead-acid batteries

Ecoforce AFB (Advanced Flooded Battery) is an evolution of traditional lead-acid batteries. The main features that differentiate an AFB battery from a conventional lead acid battery are:

1. electrolyte reservoir increased;

2. high exchange surface with the electrolyte;

3. negative plates features: a. grids with a special Lead-Calcium-Tin alloy; b. negative active mass with an higher Carbon content; c. mixture of different expanders studied to face Start & Stop cycles; d. application of a specific organic fiber layer;

4. positive plates characterized by: a. grids with a special PbCaSn alloy (Lead-Calcium-Tin); b. grid specifically designed to resist to corrosion and high temperatures (SAEJ2801); b. layer to contain the expansion of the active mass during cycling;

5. protection of the electrodes against corrosion and potential danger

EcoForce AFB (Advanced Flooded Battery) is the best option for compact cars equipped only with Start & Stop system. In this case the battery is characterized by a withstand to cycles, two times higher than a traditional battery: in queues or at traffic lights, EcoForce AFB provides power to all electrical components when the engine is off and a reliable starting when the clutch is pressed.

The principal benefits of ECOFORCE AFB at a glance

+ Latest OE technology and quality + High charge and discharge acceptance (two times more than a traditional battery) + Negative active mass composition specifically designed to meet the typical cycles of Start & Stop + Good starting performance + Longer cycle life than standard lead-acid starter batteries (when measured in terms of energy output) + Totally maintenance-free



The main feature that distinguishes Ecoforce AGM from a traditional battery is the gas recombination technology. For a traditional lead-acid battery the phase of charging is characterized by the dissociation of water into hydrogen and oxygen. The two gasses leak from the caps, while the level of electrolyte inside the battery decreases. Ecoforce uses instead the principle of recombination. Thanks to a special microporous separator (Absorbent Glass Material), impregnated with a controlled quantity of electrolyte, the oxygen released from the positive plate after the dissociation of water during charging, can migrate to the negative from which is fixed and then recombine with hydrogen, restoring the water that was dissociated. This establishes a closed electrochemical cycle, without any gas emission and without water consumption. It’s a simple system, but to work best it requires great precision in manufacturing and an accurate choice of components. Important are both the whole plate-separators compression and the purity of the components.

EcoForceAGM (Absorbent Glass Material) is the best battery for micro hybrid car models with Start & Stop device, Brake Energy Regeneration and other technologies conceived to save consumption (such as gear shift indicators, intelligent alternator, etc.). Therefore the functioning of all these instruments depend on the presence of a battery that provides optimal performance, mainly in conditions of extreme cycling.

The principal benefits of ECOFORCE AGM at a glance

+ Latest OE technology and quality + High cranking amperage + Extreme charge and discharge acceptance (three to four times longer cycle life than traditional batteries) + Low self-discharge + Higher resistance to vibrations than conventional batteries + Totally maintenance-free + Leak-proof and Spill-proof


Fiamm Start Stop EFB Akü Avantajları

Fiamm Start Stop EFB Akü Avantajları

Üst sınıf segmanına göre yakıt ve CO2 tasarruf potansiyeli daha düşük olması nedeniyle bu araçlarda enerji kazanımı içermeyen start/stop sistemleri kullanılmaktadır. Buna uygun akü ise özel teknolojiye sahip Fiamm EFB aküsüdür – Derin deşarja ve çok döngüye dayanıklı.

Fiamm Start Stop EFB Akü Kullanım Alanları

Fiamm EFB Akü Kullanım Alanları
• Orta sınıf binek ve küçük araçlar ile fren enerjisi geri kazanımı olmayan basit start/stop uygulamaları.

Üst sınıf segmanın’ a göre yakıt ve CO2 tasarruf potansiyeli daha düşük olması nedeniyle bu araçlarda enerji kazanımı içermeyen start/stop sistemleri kullanılmaktadır. Buna uygun akü ise özel teknolojiye sahip Fiamm EFB akü – Derin deşarja ve çok döngüye dayanıklı.

Fiamm Start Stop EFB Akü Teknik Özellikleri

Fiamm Start Stop EFB Akü Teknik Özellikleri


Fiamm EFB teknolojisi çoğu zaman orta sınıf binek araçlarda, küçük araçlarda ve enerji geri kazanımı sistemi olmayan basit start/stop sistemli araçlarda kullanılmaktadır. Böyle döngü dayanıklılığı yüksek starter aküleri gelecek yıllarda daha fazla OEM’de kullanılacaktır.


  • 60 Ah ile 105 Ah arası kapasiteler ile sunulmaktadır
  • Seperatörler elyaf kaplama ve aktif kütle özel bir bileşime sahip
  • Sıradan starter akülerine göre iki kat daha fazla döngü dayanıklılığına sahip,
  • En yüksek sallantıya karşı dayanıklılık,
  • Double – lid kapağı maksimum sızdırmaz özelliği ve en yüksek işletim güvenliği sağlıyor
  • Modern kalsiyum ızgara teknolojisi sayesinde tamamen bakımsız

Ürün Adı Kısa Kod Volt (V) C20 (Ah) CCA / A-EN Konum Alt Bağlantı En x Boy x Yükseklik Ağırlık KG
 60Ah Fiamm Akü TR520 12V 60 Amper 520 0/1 B13 242 x 175 x 190 15,6
65Ah Fiamm Akü TR650 12V 65 Amper 650 0/1 B13 278 x 175 x 175 18,5
70Ah Fiamm Akü TR680 12V 70 Amper 680 0/1 B13 278 x 175 x 190 18,7
75Ah Fiamm Akü TR730* 12V 75 Amper 730 0/1 B13 315 x 175 x 175 21,1
80Ah Fiamm Akü TR740 12V 80 Amper 740 0/1 B13 315 x 175 x 190 20,3
95Ah Fiamm Akü TR850 12V 95 Amper 950 0/1 B13 353 x 175 x 190 22,9

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